For many years I suffered with low self-esteem due to adverse childhood issues.  I felt defiled and
unclean.  After seeking God for direction in ministry, I was lead to dance.

During prayer and devotion, I inquired of God what my ministry was.  “Dance” was the answer.  
“Dance??!!”, was my reply to Him, “how can I dance when I am unfit, unworthy, and unclean?”  
“Yes dance” I heard.  “I (God) am going to use the very thing that Satan has caused you to feel is
defiled and use it for My glory.”

Initially, I did not move forward in the ministry of dance, because I wanted to be certain of the
calling.  Counsel was sought from Bishop Gerald O. Glenn, Mother Marcietta S. Glenn and Mother
Joann Conway (a prayer warrior and mother in Zion), who has since gone on
the be with the Father.  Mother Conway mentored and taught me about intercession and
accompanied me to many ministry engagements, always lifting up prayer as I danced.  In all things, I
thank God and to Him be the Glory for everything allowed.

My biological mother (Racilia Campbell) transitions from this life to eternity on October 30, 2009.  
It was from her womb that I entered this world.  She gave me a Godly foundation in the Word and
raised me to know the Lord.  I will always love her for being a nurturing mother.  "Train up a child in
the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Prov 22:6).  

In my journey I have made mistakes and fallen short, but God is a forgiving God.  Through
repentance, and relationship with the Lord; I have and continue to make it through life's changes and

Because of God's love; his mercy healing and deliverance for me, I am allowed now to share that love
with others, who have gone through or are going through similar life situations.  No matter what has
occurred in  life God is much greater and He has mercy, healing and deliverance for you.  I pray that
this testament is a blessing and an encouragement to you, to seek more of God for your life.  With
God all things are possible. In Jesus name. AMEN
Ministry Testament
Offer Up Praise
Racilia J. Campbell
August 8, 1940 -
October 30, 2009
You have left a legacy
that will continue..
You will always be
remembered and loved.