Offer Up Praise
Called to Worship Through Dance
Offer Up Praise Ministries, Inc.
Offer Up Praise Ministries, Inc (OUPM) was founded in 1998, its purpose is to minister the
Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and dance . It is a Spirit Filled, Biblically based organization
that shares the foundation of worship through teaching, choreography, and dance.  The ministry also
does outreach to communities, prisons, churches, and foreign missions.  

Worship dance workshops and conferences are facilitated to teach the biblical bases for dance and
the different types; contrasting between praise, warfare dance and movement meanings.  There is
instruction on flags, streamers, banners & colors, being sure to teach that the focus and foundation of
all worship is the Lord.  

Some of the places where the Lord has opened doors for participation in ministry are: the Gospel
Awards at the Apollo Theater, Community City/County day programs.  
Conferences to include:
N Power (Rapture Ready; Amazing Grace), Excellence in the Kingdom, Weapons of Power,
Threshing Floor, Diamond in the Rough, Weight of His Glory, Feast of Tabernacles, Sister to Sister,
Women in Ministry,  Women With Mission &  Purpose and various other anniversary, dedication,
funeral, and wedding services.

Humbly submitted and surrendered to God; to Him be the Glory!!!!!
Biblical Foundational teaching on dance
Individual and group instruction
Garment, flag, & Banner creations made to order
Community Outreach
Foreign Mission

In Him we live, move, and have our being;
           Acts 17:28a
Tracie Morgan
Prophetic Worship
Dancer / Minister

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