The passion of OUPM is to share the foundation of worship through
dance, teaching, and choreography.  OUPM is a local and traveling
ministry, sharing the gospel through creativity.

The ministry does outreach, provides individual and group teaching.  
Personalized instruction is given and specialized choreography is
adapted to the individual need.

If you are interested in having worship dance for engagements
(conferences, church services, community activities, anniversary, etc.) or
for individual or group foundational instruction, send request through the
"Contact Us" tab at this site or call (804) 519-7404.  
Class-Studio Instruction
Offer Up Praise
Contact procedures below for

Foundational Basics * Dance types: Prophetic, Praise, Warfare, Creative Movement, Flow,
etc * Flags * Streamers * Banners * Billows * Colors * Count * Choreography * And More